Let’s start at the very beginning… a very good place to start!

(We think you might now be stuck with the Sound of Music soundtrack in your head..?!) If so great! and sorry!
Little Hart’s Music​ was born out of a desire to introduce babies and parents to real music. There are so many baby music groups to choose from, how can you be sure you’re choosing a good one, with live music and actual instrumnets to play?
At Little Hart’s Music we pride oursleves on writing the songs ourselves! Those we haven’t written are normally traditional nursery rhymes (and not the overused ones either!). Having experienced baby groups with our own children over recent years we felt compelled to create something different, something creative, independent, unique and therapeutic. So, as an independant company we are able to plan and organise the sessions with your child in mind
We want your baby to have a gentle, encouranging and supported introduction to the use of live music, and to provide you with the skills and confidence to use music playfully in your own home.
As a qualified Music Therapist Sarah is trained to meet you and your baby in the music where you are. The sessions are engaging, encouranging, supportive and friendly.
Created by Sarah Gummett-Hart (MA Music Therapist, flautist and singer) and Jon Hart (Freelance Musician, Fingerstyle Guitarist, Singer and Beatboxer).
Sabai circa 2011
Sarah and Jon performing at The Alexander Pub, Clapham…. pre-children days!
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